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41 Million lives recorded in England & Wales at the outbreak of the Second World War.
The official home of the 1939 Register

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    See the original hand-written pages. Zoom in or pan left and right for a closer look.

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    Get an overview of your town demographics and society in 1939.

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    Use them like Google Maps. Type in your street and see what's changed.


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What is the 1939 Register?

Taken at the outbreak of World War II, the 1939 Register contains the personal details of 41 million people in England and Wales. Find out more about the 1939 Register here.

Bringing the Register online

A team of hundreds has been working for over a year, conserving, scanning and digitising over 1.2 million pages. Find out more about the process here.

How to explore the Register

If you need a hand searching through the millions of names in the 1939 Register, you can watch the handy how-to video we created here.


Women's fashion in the 1930s

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With the threat of air raids imminent, Britain’s children had to escape the cities

Men's fashion in the 1930s

Inspired by royalty and Hollywood, this is how the discerning male dressed in the 1930s


With the new German threat on shipping in 1939, action had to be taken to prevent food shortages


The 1930s was a decade that culminated in global conflict. Here’s what led the world to war

The 1930s home

The home of the 1930s was changing, as brand new conveniences revolutionised daily life

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